About Fexmon

There is nothing like the velvety soft feeling of moisturised skin. But getting it right can be tricky, especially at various environmental conditions. The use of chemical detergents and disinfectants such as alcohol causes loss of freshness and softness, resulting in dryness and damage to the skin.

We, at FEXMON by utilizing the state-of-art and our rich experience, have created specialized creams for all skin types. The Emulsions and coating materials in the advanced formulation of our products will act as a protective layer and prevents the evaporation of surface water from the skin. In addition, we have benefited from Humectants as one of the ingredients to play the role of a sponge for keeping the water of the skin.

FEXMON specialists have compounded our unique DeepCare Complex, a unique blend of skin natural nutrients like Aloe Vera Extract and essential oils containing Omega, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Allantoin Extract and Vitamins Group B and Vitamin E to meet your expectations from a hand cream.

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